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1870 - 1980 


Reunion Yearbook 


October 15, 1988 
Northampton Country Club 


Constance Kovalski, 114 Prospect Street, Hatfield, MA 


Married: Spouse - Charles 
Children: Lisa - 22 & Kevin - 19 


Stephen Bruscoe, Pleasant View Drive, Hatfield, 

MA 01038 



William Byrne, Rte 3, Box 99, Pomeroy, WA 99346 


Michael Cahill, 31 North Street, Hatfield, MA 01038 

Married - 20 yrs. Spouse - Jane 

Children - Heather - 17 & Kyle - 14 

Executive Vice President - Channing L. Bete Co. Inc. 

Education: Bachelor Bus. Admin. - U-Mass 68 
Masters Bus. Admin. - U-Mass 69 

Interests/Hobbies: community, family, jogging, 

Awards/Special Recognitions: 

Hatfield School Committee 

Holy Trinity Church Parish Council 

Bugsy "Peock" Symancyk's chin. . . "Vegebales". . . 
Pigeons in Mrs. Muller's French Class... John 
Naumowicz "I Am Zeus". .. Smoking in the boilroom. . . 
Jumping out of second floor windows into the snow 
to get out of class. . .Paper airplane that landed in 
Mrs. Ryan's hair... Lenny Yarrows "For the time bein".. 
Detentions with John Galvin & setting the clock ahead. 
Bill Byrne's gift of his toe to Mrs. Spakowski. . .Kotex 
hanging from Mrs. Muller's flag... 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2013 


Edwina Palmisano, 62 Linseed Rd. , West Hatfield, MA 01088 

Married: 24 yrs. Spouse - Lou 

Children: Karen - 22 

Vice President - Accounting & System Operation for 
Multibank National 

Interests/Hobbies: painting, crafts, sports, travel 

Awards/Special Recognitions: Multibank - Operation 
Officer 1980: American Cancer Society - Board Member 
& Co-chairman of Service & Rehabilition Committee 
Multibank - Assistant Vice President - 1981, and 
Vice President 1987 

Friendship bonds made in these years are ever lasting. . . 

Mary Shanon, RD #1, Box 196, Buskirk, NY 12028 


Frank J. Godek Jr., 1 Pleasant View Dr. , Hatfield, MA 


Deputy Superintendent - Hampshire County Jail & 
House of Correction 

Education: AB - Holy Cross College 1967 

Interests/Hobbies: Golf 


Jane Stevens, 7524 Hurst St., New Orleans, LA 7011! 


Children: Kalli - 18 & Julie - 15 

Rehabilitation Supervisor - Intracorp 

Education: Fitchburg State College - BSN 
Interests/Hobbies: biking, walking & traveling 



Arlene Vivier, 9 Ruggles Street, Three River, MA 01080 
Married: 23 yrs. Spouse - Russell 
Children: Tammy - 21, Melissa - 18, & Wendy - 17 
Vice President of two companies 

Beverly Labbee, 11 Primrose Path, Hatfield, MA 01038 

Married: 20 yrs. Spouse - Jim 

Secretary to the Chairman, Dept. of Political 

Science - U-Mass 

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, gardening, pets, 
walking (when forced to) 
Will attempt the guitar once 

Awards: Chancellor's Award, U-Mass/Amherst 



Beverly J. Spellman, 2573 Flagstone Drive, San Jose, CA 

Married: 15 yrs. Spouse - Richard 

Product Mgr. - Televideo Systems Inc. 

Education: BA - Smith College 67 

Interests /Hobbies 

Photography, hiking, golf, music, 
Taking photos of local opera company 

Awards: Promoted to LCDR - Navy, Nominated STSC Presidents 
Award, APL Plus Sales Club - 4 yrs. (100% of 
Sales quote) , nominated Rookie Salesman of the 
year - 1979 STSC. 

When the girl's basketball team finally started to win 
a few under the able direction of their new coarch - 
Iris Ann Hubbard (Mrs. John Ondreck) ... French classes 
and a brief attempt at a Latin III class.... 

Edward Korza, 41 Longmeadow Dr. , Amherst, MA 

Married: 8 yrs. Spouse - Nina 

Children: Charlene - 22, Ed III - 20, 
Elizabeth - 17, Andrew - 4 
Michael - 1 

Administrator - Higher Education 

Education: A.B. St. Anselms College 
M.A. Ohio University 
C.A.G.S. - U-Mass 
Doctoral Candidate - U-Mass 

Awards: President (1988-89) New England Assoc, 
of Educational Opportunity Program 

Sports rivalry between SA & Hopins. .. Trips to 

NYC & Washington D.C Pheasant hunting with 

L. Yarrows, S. Bruscoe, J.N Senior class 

dinner in S. Amherst. .. Being Co-Captain of 
soccer team with B. Byrne. .. Selling yearbook 
advertising. ..Mastering the college curriculum. 



Sandra Wissman, 1 Maple Street, Hatfield, MA 01038 

Married: 9 yrs. Spouse 


Part-Time Hair Stylist 

Interests /Hobbies 

auctions, flea markets, walking, 
reupholstering, decorating, travel, 
needlework, yardwork, reading 

Studyhalls - sending notes without being caught... 
Don S. ! ! ! . . .Mache' s parties ... Bulls parties. . .working 
at Russell's. .. Trips to W.Mass... 

Carl Osepowicz, 42 Line Street, Southampton, MA 



Carole Michal, 3 Pleasant View Drive, Hatfield, MA 01038 

Married - 23 yrs. Spouse - Terry 

Children: TJ - 19 

Secretary - U-Mass 

Interests/Hobbies: Walking, sewing, knitting, 


Daniel C. Snook, 5822 Weatherford Road 

Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Married: 20 yrs. Spouse - Laurie 
Children: Denise - 18, Don - 16, & Chris 
Education: BA Univ. of South Fla, Tampa 
US Army 


Interests /Hobbies 

Bass & snook fishing, 
running, my 3 children 

Awards: Manager of the Year, AMC INC. 1978 

Mary gave her campaign speech making several 
embarassing and derogatory remarks about her 
opponents, mostly Frank. A few days prior I 
had told her that her speech was fine; even 
though I hadn't read it. I don't think anyone 
spoke to me for weeks... 



Ruth E. Fairman^ 10 Long Plain Rd. 

So. Deerfield, MA 

Married - 1 

(second time) 


Karen Hausrath - 
Neil R. Fairman 

23, Elizabeth Mills - 20. 
• 29, Kevin E. Fairman - 24 

Program Secretary - Pioneer Head Injury Center 

Education: Word Processing - Fisher Jr. 
Business Mgt. /Medical Assist, 

D-Mass, U-Conn 
(nearly completed) 

Interests/Hobbies: sewing, needlepoint, juding, community/ 
political interests, church, writing, 
My family and husband 

Awards: Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Gazette, EVNA, AP Press, 
Represented Mass. in Washington, D.C. for 4-H 

Putting the plastic vomit in the Bible (Jimmie Smith)... 
learning to type in a very cold typing room... the home 
economics girls being blamed for the sulfur smell eminating 
from the Chemistry room. . . 

Peg Lawrence, 140 Walbridge Hill Rd., Tolland, CT 

Married: 3 yrs. Spouse - Walter 

Children: Christopher - 21, Tom - 20, Matthew - 13 

Teacher - Grade 3 - E. Longmeadow, MA 

Education: B.S., ED - Westfield State College 

Interests/Hobbies: travel - Hawaii, Switzerland, 

Mexico, California, cruise etc. , 
bowling, theatre, Members of 
National Corvette Assoc. & 
Trying to grow old gracefully. 

Sandy, Carole & I skipped school and "Skar" came 
after us. . .Naumowicz -standing on his desk the first 
day of school proclaiming: "I Am Zeus". . .W. Mass 
basketball tourneys - winning 2 yrs. and then 
playing in Boston Garden. . .Always at Russell's... 
Mache's Parties. . .Mike & I not knowing our lines 
very well on opening night of senior play 



Jeanne Fitzgerald, 8 Worthen Place, Andover, MA 01810 

Married - 15 yrs. Spouse - Michael 

Children: Sean Patrick - 10^ & Laura Margaret - 7 

Nursery School Teacher 

Education: BA - U-Mass 1967 

15 credits towards Masters in Early 
Childhood Education 

Interests/Hobbies : 

Skiing, many hrs. spent in 

sub scout - denmother, CCD teacher 

When we were freshman & sophomores and were cheerleaders 
and SA was in the big basketball tournaments at Boston 
Garden and how much fun we had with those senior boys ! ! 
Ken Kulesza, Toyn Symanski, Jimmy etc... The dance parties 
at Barbara Yarrows &"Bull" Michajluks house - those 
dark rooms, dancing especially tight. . .All those on 
& off years (?) with Albert... 

Joanne Tatakis, 328 West Street, Dedham, MA 02026 
Married: 6 yrs. Spouse - Charles 
Pediatric Cardiac Nurse 

Education: Children's Hospital School of Nursing 

Interests/Hobbies: traveling - cruises 


Featured article in Boston Newspaper 
entitled "She Gives Her Heart to Children' 

Smith Acadmey basketball team won the championship. 
the record hops at the town hall... doing "The Bop". 
Double dates. . .working in tobacco during the 
summers. . .learning to drive. .. parties at Mary's 
& Barbara's. . .having lunch at the drug store... 
walking to school... 


Barbara Finn, 6604 Dovre Drive, Edina, MN 55436 

Married: 20 yrs. Spouse - Edward 

Children: Craig - 16 & Courtney - 11 


Education: Smith College - BA 1967 

Interests/Hobbies: tennis, bridge, golf, gourmet 
dinner club, book club 

Our basketball team went to play in Boston Garden. . . 
I was a cheerleader at that time and got to go along 
on the trip. I can still recall several of the players 
on that team and how well they played together.... 
Basketball was certainly an important part of life 
at Smith Academy. . . 




Dorothy Braman, 13 Mountain Rd. , No. Hatfield, MA 01066 

Married: 18 yrs. Spouse - Donald 

Children: Amy - 12 

Office Manager - Insurance Agency 

Interests/Hobbies: Reading & Playing Cards 


Four years of sitting between Bana & Voit in homeroom. . . 
Lunch at the drugstore. .. Laughing fits with Cookie... 
St. Mikes dances. .. Being "Skar's" right hand girl... 
Pumpkins for school dance. .. Sarah Watson's Car... Car 
Washes. . .Phone calls with Mike when he had a fight with 
Cookie. . .Your Goose is Cooked. .. Basketball games... 
Selling X-Mas trees. . .Washington Trip - coming home with 
sunglasses on. . . Russells after games. .. Great 4 yrs 

Walter J. Banas Jr., 3 Cronin Hill Rd. , Hatfield, MA 01038 

Married: 15 yrs. Spouse - Theresa 

Children: Jonathan - 7 & Jennifer - 5 

Education: Associate Degree in Accounting 

Engineering Supervisor 

Interests/Hobbies: Childrens sports & fishing 



John F. Beattie, 45 Pollock Drive, Rye, NH 03870 


Mgr. Tappan Enterprises Inc., /Labor Foreman at Seabrook 
Station/Sales Agent Appledore Realty Corp. 

Education: B.A. & M.A. 

Awards: Ford Foundation Teaching Fellowship 

Interests/Hobbies: Golf, swimming, classical & political 

A Story about Harry. Harry had just received his drivers 
license. He was driving down School St. with Ray Rudy & 
Bob Santoni in the car & he decided to light a cigarette. 
After lighting the cigarette with the car lighter, he shook 
it a couple of times and threw it out the car window 

Thomas F. Burnickas 
20 Deborah Lane 
Westfield, MA 01085 

Married - 18 yrs. - Spouse - Louise 

Children - Carrie Gayle - 15 & Michael - 13 

Sgt. State Police 

Interests/Hobbies - Gardening, Woodworking, 
& Computers 


Michael Cechvala, 102 College Street, So. Hadley, MA 



Sabin A. Celatka Sr. , 53 School St. Box 333, Hatfield, MA 

Married - 23 yrs. Spouse - Mary 

Children: Sabin Jr. - 22, Peter Paul - 21, 

Robert John - 20, & Mary Nellie - 17 

Supervisor at Hamilton Standard 

Education: University of Hartford 


Cessie Pelis, 15 Gore Avenue, Hatfield, MA 01038 

Married - 23 yrs. Spouse - Bernard 

Children: Nancy - 19 & Joyce - 15 

Nursing Assistant - EMT Cooley Dickinson Hospital 

Interests/Hobbies: Puzzles 

I remember the times spent with Sparky and 
Eddie Mitchell. . . 


Louise Walozko, 19 Forest Road, Hudson, NH 03051 

"Louise " 

"P attic" 

Patricia Byrne 

PO Box 219, Sunset Sands 

Ocean Park, WA 98640 

Divorced Children - Melissa 21 & Pamela 19 

Manager of Clothing Store (Bay Mercantile) 

Interests /Hobbies 

Reading, Cooking. 
Playing Bridge 

U-Mass dances... St. Michaels dances .. .N.Y. 

& Washington trips ... Selling X-Trees at school. 

Playing hookey from school. . .Having friends up 

to my house. . .Graduation Party at my house... 

Detentions after school. .. Talks with girls in 

the girls room. . . 


Gail Cruise, 134 Dayton Street, Springfield, MA 0111; 

Married - 18 yrs. Spouse - David 

Children - Bethany - 10, Michael - 7, & Shannon - 4 

Present Career - "At Home MOM" 

Education - B.A. College of Our Lady of the Elms 
Presently - Graduate Student at 

Western New. England College 


Kathleen Godek, 23 Prospect St., Hatfield, MA 01038 

Secretary - University of Mass. 

Interests/Hobbies: Travel, crafts, cooking, baking 

The championship basketball team. .. Following them 
from the town hall all the way to the Boston Garden. . . 
The School Spirit and town participation... 



Nancy L. Hayden, 542 Elm St . , Northampton, MA 01060 

Married - 14 yrs. Spouse - Frederick 


Interests/Hobbies: Race Walking, biking, Cape Cod 
reading, decorating, waking up 
in the morning. 

Cookie, Cessie & I skipped school... The great 
"Flagpole Incident" upstairs at SA. ..Our excuse 
writing to miss gym. . . "Skar ' s Of f ice". . . The smoking 
phone booth at the drug store. .. BOYS. . .And of course 
studying. .. I'm glad that we graduated from the old 
SA and wish that they never tore it down. Looks really 
empty on the corner. . . 

Linda K. Vollinger, 81 Bridge St ., Hatfield, MA 01038 
Married - 22 yrs. Spouse - Donald 
Children - Donald - 20 & Daniel - 16 
Education: 1 yr. Nurses training CDH 
Pre-School Aide at Dorothy M. Breor Elementary 

Interests/Hobbies: Cake decorating, cooking, 

reading, crafts and boating 

I remember the time that Dottie & I had our first 
night on the Washington Trip... 


George Kopacz, 2 Main St., Hatfield, MA 01038 


National Sales Mgr. - Talley Industries 

Education: B.S. Bryant Colllege 

Interests/Hobbies - Sports & Traveling 

Our Washington Trip... Great Time. Some 
of us stayed up for 5 days and slept 
for 3 days when we returned home. 


Richard Korza, 21 Linseed Road, West Hatfield, MA 01088 
Married: Spouse - Joan 3h yrs. 

Equipment Operator 

Education: Northampton Jr. College 

Interests/Hobbies: Snowmobiling & Stockcar racing 

Study Hall with Round-Mouth Ryan 



Henry Kulesza, P.O. Box 10367, Clearwater, Florida 34617 

Real Estate Investment 

Education: School of Hard Knocks 

Children: Curley & Moe 

Grandchildren: 28 

Interests/Hobbies: Learning to Co-exist with 
Florida's Water & Sun 

A group ot us got caught stealing Pumpkins on Bradstreet. 

Karen Glowatsky, 278 Rocky Hill Rd. , Northampton, MA 

Married - 18 yrs. Spouse - Carl 

Children: Laurie - 17 & Steven - 13 

Quill Bookshop 



Anne Rogaleski, Bridge Street, Hatfield, MA 01038 

Married Spouse - Jahn 
Children: Girl & Boy 



Carol M. Murphree 
241 River Road 
Carlisle, MA 01741 

Married - 9 yrs. - Spouse: David 

Children - Caroline - 5h 

Chemist for Environmental Consulting Firm 

Interests/Hobbies - Tennis, cross-country skiing, 
& symphony 

Education: A.B. - Smith College - Chemistry 

M.S. - Georgetwon Univ. - Chemistry 
M.S. - Northeastern Univ. - Civil 


Joseph R. Maiewski, 2 Ponderosa Lane, East Walpole, MA 02032 

Married - 16 yrs. - Spouse - Barbara 

Children - Joseph Jr. - 15, Philip - 13, & Andrew - 8 

Data Base Administration at' Boston Edison 

Education: BS in Math - UMass 69 

Interests/Hobbies - Skiing, Golf, Sports in General 
Coaching L.L. Baseball 

Washington DC Trip... Prize Speaking. .. Baseball. . . 
Prom. . .JFK. . .People and the Good Times we had.... 



Joanne Stevens 
419 Main Street 
Somersworth, NH 03878 


Sandra Worden, 91 Chestnut Street, Florence, MA 01060 

Married - 23 yrs. - Spouse - Gary 

Children - Michael - 22 & Carl - 19 

Clerk at University of Massachusetts 

Interests/Hobbies - Like to sew, take long walks, 

listen to country music, travel, 
go to craft fairs 

In Bugzie's history class (small room at top of stairs) 
when one of the boys hung a Kotex from the flag pole to 
see what Bugzie's reaction would be. 


Steven McKay, 29 Beebe Lane, Merrimack, NH 03054 

Married - 21 yrs. Spouse - Patricia 

Children - Steven - 20, Lisa - 19 

Electronics Engineer 

Education: Numerous military electronic schools 

Interests/Hobbies: Camping & Woodworking 

Significant Awards/Special Recognitions: 
Retired from US Navy as Master Chief (20 yrs.) 

I remember so many great people and times that 
I can't pinpoint one... 



Jay F. Michajluk, 12237 Williamsport Pke , Greencastle, PA 

Married - 19 yrs. - Spouse - Linda 

Children - Susan - 17 & Scott - 15 

Special Projects Mgr. - Nibble With Gibble's Inc. 

Interests/Hobbies - Crafts, RC modeling, architectural 
& industrial design photography, 

Awards/Recognitions - Army Commendation Medal, Two unit 

Presidential Citations while serving 
US Army Signal Corps in Vietnam 

James Mullins, 3242 E. Ashurst Drive, Phoenix, Arizona 85044 

Married - 13 yrs. - Spouse - Linda 

Children - Jamie - 20 & Amy - 17 

Customer Service Supervisor - Delta Air Lines 

Interests/Hobbies - Travel & Golf 

On Senior Day when the superintendent of schools told 
us that we were the worst class to ever graduate from SA 


Carl Ostrowski, 54 Woodcliff Drive, Westfield, MA 01085 



Helen Smith, 12022 N. 345th Place, Phoenix, Arizona 85028 



Jane Cahill, 31 North Street, Hatfield, MA 01038 

Married - 21 yrs. Spouse - Michael 

Children - Heather - 17 & Kyle - 14 


Education: Kay Harvey School of Hair Design 

Interests/Hobbies: Volunteer work at church & 

School, walking, biking, cooking 
& gardening 

Lunch at old "Hatfield Drug Store'.' .. .Laughing in 
Mrs. Pruzynski's Business classes. ... Going to 
Russells after basketball games .... "Michaj luks 
Parties". ... Stealing pumpkins for class dance.... 

MaryAnn Romance, 1 West St., West Hatfield, MA 01088 

Married - Peter Rogaleski 

Step Children - John Rogaleski - 45, Louise Slysz - 37 

Mary Patricia Mendonca - 43 
Step Grandchildren - 5 
Education - BA - Smith College 68 

Medical Technologist 
Interests /Hobbies 

Cultural & Nature travel, choral 
singing, gardening, attending 
theater productions 

When Pres. Kennedy was assassinated & the stunned 
reaction of the student body... Our Class Advisor 
Mr. Yarrows. . .English Teacher Mr. Naumowicz. . . . 

Our Homeroom Teacher Mrs. Spakowski, the same for 
all 4 years of high school... 


Raymond Rudy, 253 N.E. 56th Street, Newport, Oregon 


Self-Employed - Sunset Technical Services 

Interests/Hobbies - Water Skiing, Scuba Diving 

Selling Xmas Trees ... Senior Picnic. . .Various 
"work" assignments from Skar. . . 


Bonnie Colby, Lois Street, East Springfield, MA 



Robert Santoni, 394 Bridge Road, Florence, MA 01060 Mm 


Richard M. Slysz, 12 Maple Street, Hatfield, MA 01038 

Married: 15 yrs. Spouse - Louise 

Children: Michael - 14 


Interests/Hobbies: Golf, Woodworking 


Harry Waskiewicz 
59 Upper Oak 
San Rafael, CA 

Married - 13 yrs. - Spouse - Patricia 

Children - Colleen - 7 & Brian - 9 

Education: Bachelor of Science 

Master of Public Administration 


Barbara W. Bonk 
15 Straits Road 
Hatfield, MA 01038 

Married - 17 yrs. - 

Spouse - Frank 

Maintenance Administrator 
New England Telephone Co. 



Barbara N. Rogala, 79 Rocky Hill Rd.,Hadley, MA 01035 

Married - 21 yrs. Spouse - John 

Children - Carrie Ann - 20 

Central Supply Tech. at Cooley Dickinson Hospital — 22 yrs 

Interests/Hobbies: Crafts 

Good times in study hall... Good times at school dances... 

Barbara Adamski 

Kobert E. Burke, 167 Jackson St., Northampton, MA 01060 

Married Spouse - Mary Jane Kristek 

Children: Megan Mary - 9^ 

Court Officer - Northampton District Court 

Interests/Hobbies: Sports, drinking, girl watching 

Jeanne tte Backiel 

Jeannette Allard, Hillside Road, So. Deerfield, MA 01373 

Married: 19 yrs. Spouse - Phil 

Children: Jonathan - 14 

Education: University of Mass. B.S. - Human Development 

First Grade Teacher 

Interests/Hobbies: Dreams, gardening, Rock & Roll, 

Poetry, Walking, Running, etc. ,etc. 

High School dances. . .basketball games. .. parties. . . 
Cruisin. .. Sandy Smith and I making "Algae Cookies" 
for the Science Fair. .. President Kennedy's death 

Patricia Cahill 

Patricia Skarbek, 64 Deane Street, Chicopee, MA 01020 

Married - 5 yrs . Spouse - Joseph 

Children - Michael Kalentek - 17 

Office Manager - Food Mart 

Interests/Hobbies - Traveling, ceramics, arts & crafts 
Helping in my husbands store. 

Marcia & Sandy Nartowicz & I would drive to New York 
City so Sandy could get her hair done. .. "Tricking" on 
Halloween with "Dude". .. Being "interrupted" by Mrs. 
Mullers pet pigeons .. .Just being carefree & having a 
great time. 

Margaret Coutou, Rte 1, Box 1087, Irish Hill Road, 
Shelburne, Vermont 05482 

Margaret Cantwell 

Anne Sue Cernak, 575 Bridge Rd. , 11-3, Northampton, MA 01060 

Vice Principal, Elementary School 

education: B.S.E. - North Adams State College 

M.Ed. & CAGS American International College 

Interests/Hobbies: Cooking, reading, traveling 

Awards: Member - Teacher Advisory Board - Instructor 

We would all go to basketball games and cheer on our 
team in the crowded Town Hall. 

Anne Sue Cernak 

William D. Cichanowicz , 43 Wilson Road, Northampton, MA 01060 

Married - 11 yrs . Spouse - Deborah 
Children - Brian - 10 & Amber - 7 

Auto Body Technician 

Education: Post Grad - Smith Vocational 

Interests/Hobbies - Cars & WWII 

The Old S.A S.F.W. June.... Drug Store Cowboys 

William Cichanowicz^ 

Edward Dickinson, 11 Wampanoag Drive, Acton, MA 

Married: 20 yrs. Spouse - Saundra 

Children: Lisa - 17 & Scott - 12 


Education: Associate, Univ. of Lowell 

Edward Dickinson 

Thomas Doktor, 9 Straits Road, Hatfield, MA 01038 
Married - 14 yrs. Spouse - Carol 
Children: Elizabeth - 9^ & Jason - 5h 

Thomas Doktor 

David Flouton, Box 287, West Boxford, MA 01885 
Married - 14 yrs . Spouse: Margaret 
Children: Michael - 10, Emily - 8, & Eli - 5 

Real Estate Development & Operation 
Interests/Hobbies: Three growing kids 

Fan vent hood was wired backward and the school 
had to be evacuated when a chemistry experiment 
was conducted. 

David Flouton 

Cynthia Geryk Paige, 862 Longmeadow St., Longmeadow, MA 

01106 m 

Married - 18 yrs. Spouse - Tim ] 

Children - Geryk - 9 & Dare - 4 

Car pooling, soccer coach, professional volunteer, etc. 

Education: BA - Westfield State College 

Interests/Hobbies: Hiking, local history, tennis, 
(After 40, it's a matter of 
maintenance ! ! ! ) 

Awards: Staying married to a Dartmouth Man for 18 yrs. 

Frank Glenowicz Jr., 18 Long Plain Rd . , Whately,MA 01093 

Married - 19 yrs. Spouse - 

Children - Frank- 18 

Salesman - Commercial Distributing Co. 

Interests/Hobbies - Hunting & jogging 

Frank Glenowicz 

Marcia Goclowski 

Marcia Wojewoda, 75 Hockanum Road, Hadley, MA 01035 

Married: 20 yrs. Spouse - Charlie 

Children: Susan - 14 & Jenny - 8 

Education: BA in English 

Advertising & Publicity Representative 

Interests/Hobbies: Skiing, hiking, quilting & craft 

fairs. Variety of community orgaizations 

The many times we waited in fear of being asked to 
translate in Latin Class... We played special songs on 
the jukebox at Russell ' s. . .Piling into Peggy's car for 
another trip to Forbes. .. Checking to see who was at the 
Center. .. Secret trip to the beach. .. Smiling to Mrs. Muller. 
All the basketball tournaments. . .Reading Russian novels.... 

Robert Gore, 418 Meadowbrook, Florence, MA 01060 


Factory Worker 

Interests/Hobbies - Cross-Country Skiing, biking, 

Our commercial course class in P.O.D. with 
Mr. Prentiss. . .Other antics we use to do... 
Washington Trip 

Robert Gore 

William F. Hoffman, 21 Diamond-DRive , Enfield, CT 06082 
Technical Specialist /Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 
Interests/Hobbies: Sports & Gardening 
Children: Jilleyxn - 1 

I remember the basketball seasons & championships 
The Good times we had during study halls , 

William Hoffman 

m j^ 

Janice Jackowski 

Janice D'Addamio, 9402-184th N.E., Granite Falls, WA 98252 

Married: 16 yrs. Spouse - John 

Children: 3 Morgan Horses - Charity, Ben, Ellie 
9 Cairn Terriers 

Digital Equipment Corp. - Project Leader for DEC/Test Mgr. 

Education: B.A. cum laude (Mathematics) - Smith College 
MS (Computer Science) - S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo 
PhD work (all but thesis) - Rutgers Univ. 

Interests/Hobbies: Training/showing our horses in 

dressage, breeding Cairn Terriers, 

Lee Sperry & I danced on TV... June Woodward drew the 
Sepia Proboscis.... 

Paul S. Jagodzinski, 142 Pantry Rd. , No. Hatfield, MA 

Married: 14 yrs. Spouse - Kathleen 

Children: Kara - 10 & David - 6 

U.S. Postal Service 

Education: B.S. Law Enforcement - Westfield State 
U.S. MArine Corps - 4 yrs. 

Interests/Hobbies: My Wife, My children, Money, Sex, 

hunting, fishing, camping, bicycling, 
weight lifting, adult movies, 


Paul Jagodzinski 

Nancy Javvorski 

Nancy Shanaf elt , 1417 Kelowna Ct. , Sunnyvale, CA 94087 
Married - 13 yrs. bpouse - John 
Children - Amy Beth - 16 & Nicholas - 4 
Examination Branch Chief/ IRS 

Education: BA - U-Mass, Graduate Work - U-Mass 

.Human Development & San Jose State - Accounting 

Interests/Hobbies: Travel, crocheting, Model T Ford Car Club 

Awards : Nominee Federal Employee of the Year for 
Community Service 
Sustained Superior Pertormance Award as a Manager 

We went on our class trip to Washington D.C. & New York... 

Joseph W. Rabat, Jr., PO Box 693, Easthampton, MA 01027 

Thomas Kostek, 45 Main Street, Hatfield, MA 01038 

Thomas Kostek 

William Kukucka 

William P. Kukucka, 732 John Glenn Blvd. , Webster , NX 14580 

Married - 11 yrs. Spouse - Carol 

Children - Christina - 7 & Adam - 5 

Technical Specialist/Program Mgr.II - Xerox Corp. 

Education: B.S.E.E. 

Awards: 15 Patent Awards, Xerox Special Recognition 
awards four times. 

Interests/Hobbies: Gardening, orchids, music, reading 

The long hours of French class. . .Washington D.C. trip... 
Day J.F.K. was shot .. .Getting warmed up before dances... 
Twig's Driving. . . 

Mary Celatka, 53 School Street, Box 333, Hatfield, MA 01038 
Married - 23 yrs. Spouse: Sabin A. Sr. 

Sabin Jr. - 22, Peter Paul - 21, 
Robert John - 20, & Mary Nellie ■ 



Mary Malinowski 

Stanley A. Malinowski, 177 Lewis St., Geneva, NY 14456 


Director of Choral Activities & Asst. Professor of Music 
Hobart & William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY 

Education: B.A. Columbia University 1969 

M.A. (1972), PH.D. (1978) Cornell Univ. 

Awards: Past President & member, Board of Directors 
Intercollegiate Musical Council 
Conducting chorus of 300 high school students 
at Avery Fisher Hall, New York City on 
May 8, 1989. 

The 9165 SA basketball team won the Hampshire League 
in what was supposed to have been a "rebuilding" year, 
and lost to Holyoke by only 2 points in the Western 
Mass. Tournament .. .President Kennedy was shot and 
Mrs. Sheehan turned on the radio in the hallway during 
the last period... The faculty sand "The Twelve Days of 
Christmas" at the school Christmas party, with Skar, 
Yarrows, and Naumowicz belting out "Five Gold Rings!" 

Stanley Malinowski 

Interests /Hobbies 

Travel, architecture, gardening, 
home repair, cooking & entertaining 

Marcia Nartowicz 

Marcia Prokop , 16 Washington Street, Plainville, CT 06062 

Married: 8 yrs. Spouse - William 

Children: David - 20, Samantha - 7, & William - 6 


Interests/hobbies: Crafts & camping 

Board Member of Plainville Assoc, for Retarded Citizens 

Education: Associate Degree 

We had a substitute teacher and we all sat with books 
on our heads becaused we said bugs were falling from 
the ceiling. (Poor Man) 

Sharron Hines, 22 Varnum St., Arlington, MA 02174 

Married - 18 yrs. Spouse - Richard 

Children - Katie - 16 

Head Teacher in a Private Special Needs School 

Education: B.S. in Education 3/4 thru M.Ed Program 

Interests/Hobbies - Bicycling, basketball & travel 

When we had a fire drill and at least % of the 
students left for the day. 


Sharron Olszewski 
"Little O" 

Ronald Omasta 

Ronald F. Omasta, 40 Lincoln Way, Windsor, CT 06095 

Married - 17 yrs. Spouse - Nancy 

Children - William Kane (Stepson) 22, Danielle Beth - 9 
Melissa Anne - 7 

Sr. Design Engineer at Hamilton Standard 

Education: BS in M.E. from Lowell Technological Institute 

Recently completed 8 of 15 courses toward MBA at 
Hartfrod Graduate Center 

Interests/Hobbies: Baseball Fan 

Mr. Naumowicz ranked on Paul Jogodzinski so badly in English 
Class that many of us were in tears with laughter. Every time 
Paul opened his mouth, he merely shifted feet... Tommy Kostek 
& Tommy Osley getting caught by Mr. Yarrows running to lunch.. 
Mr. Prentices boring Civics classes. . .Narty crying during 
graduation practice. . .Paul Jagodzinski gave Ed Dickinson a 

shock with a generator in Chemistry lab. ...He also burned 
Tommy Osley' s hand with a spark maker he heated in a burner.. 

Thomas J. Osley, 96 Elm Street, Hatfield, MA 01038 


Children: Brian - 19 & Kevin - 17 

Construction Equipment Operator 

Education: 2 yrs. at GCC 

Interests/Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, canoeing, gardening 

So Long ago I remember nothing!!!! 

Thomas Osley 

Donna Olivera, 37 Juniper Road, Wakefield, RI 02879 

Donna Punska 

Patrick Ryan, c/o Young's Exxon Station, No. King Street, 

Northampton, MA 01060 

Employed at: Young's Exxon Station 

Dolores Sikorski 

Dolores A. Parsons, 92 South St ., Chesterfield, MA 01012 

Married - 9 yrs. Spouse - Chuck 

Children - Tracy - 19, Jennifer - 16, Megan - 8 

Secretary - UMass 

Special Recognition - Town Treasurer - Chesterfield 83-84 

Interests/Hobbies - Crafts, bingo, square dancing, 
traveling, reading, everything. 

Smith Academy basketball team went to Boston Gardens... 
The Parade... The town spirit... 

Helen LeMoine, 119 North 95th Street, Mesa, Arizona 


Helen Sikorski 

Henry Skorupski Jr., 83 School St., Hatfield, MA 01038 
Married - 8 yrs. Spouse - Arlene 
Children: Brian - 6 
Heavy Equipment Operator 
Interests/Hobbies: Boating 

Henry Skorupski 

Darleen Slysz 

Darlene Slysz, Elm Street, Hatfield, MA 01038 

Sandra Smith Bernson, 22 Maple St. , Hatfield, MA 01038 

Married: 13 yrs. Spouse - Steve 

Office Manager - U-Mass 

Education: B.A. - U-Mass 

Interests/Hobbies: Gardening, house plants, 
stained glass, cooking, 
home revovation (by necessity) 

Stifling laughter while singing French Christmas \ 
Carols in Mrs. Muller's class.... 

Sandra Smith 

Lee Sperry, 66 Prospect St., Hatfield, MA 01038 


Real Estate Investment; Bowling Center 

Education: B.A. - UMass 69 

Interests/Hobbies - Bowling, carpentry, woodworking 

"Drugstore Cowboys" fighting out a duel but just across 
the street from school. .. "Est 'ce qu'ily a des questions?" 
Declamations. . .Friday 11-22-63 finding out about JFK 
assasination - Naumowicz's class 6th period... 

Robert symanski, 868 Armory Street, Springfield, MA 01107 

Married - 10 yrs. Spouse - Frances 

President - Sentrex Development & Rental Company 
Telecommunication Consulant - City of Springfield 



Associate - Accounting - STCC 
Bachilors - Accounting - AIC 
Masters - Business Administration 
Fellowship - AIC 


Robert Symanski 

Springfield Technical Community College 

Board of Trustees 

Mayors Commission on Handicapped Affairs 

Interests/Hobbies: Golf, Gardening & Politics 

Roger Vachula, 78 Montague City Road, Greenfield, MA 


Roger Vachula 

Anthony Wendolowski, 118 Prospect St.,_ Hatfield, MA 01038 

Married: 17 yrs. Spouse - Helen 

Children: Mark - 14 & Aimee - 11 


Education: 2 yrs. - Smith Vocational 

Interests/Hobbies: Farming 

Anthony Wendolowski 

Bernard Wozniak, 164 No. Hatfield Rd. , No. Hatfield, MA 01066 

Bernard Wozniak 

Edward W. Wroblewski, 112 Depot Rd. , Hatfield , MA 01038 


Children - Michelle - 13, Edward - 11 

Town of Hatfield - Water Superintendent 

Interests/Hobbies - Farming, deep sea fishing, cooking, 
picking mushrooms 

When our class held the Xmas tree sale... Few of the 
parties. . . 

Edward Wroblewski 
"Uncle Turkey" 

Margaret Frieswyk, 21 Lynn Drive, Southampton, MA 01073 

Married - 19 yrs. Spouse - Bill 

Children: Allyse - 18, Emily - 11, & Ben - 15 

Early Childhood Coordinator 

Education: BA Elementary Education 

MA Moderate Special Needs 

Interests/Hobbies: Tennis & Bridge 

Margaret Yanginski 

Julieann Matuewezski, Raymond Ave. , Hatfield, MA 01038 

Julieann Zalinski 

Helen Mary Bley, 33 Jamestown Road, Sommers , CT 06071 

Helen-Mary Zgrodnik